Concrete Mold Makers

commercial grade concrete molds

Nunnikhoven Mold Company

All of our products are guaranteed. We take pride in our business and our customers are important to us.. Our quality products and service, competitive prices, and overall value are what we offer.

Steel and Stone Creations

Concrete Molds for all of your industrial and do it yourself casting needs. Molds are what we are all about. Just starting out and need some help or you just want to make a walk way for your home. You can get the molds and the help you need here.

Distinctive Mold’s

We specialize in 3/16″ thick virgin ABS plastic molds, vibrating tables, retarder paper, release agent and aluminum lettering. There are over 1700 standard ABS molds to choose from.

Backyard Kitz

If you are looking for opportunities to starting a home based business, Backyard Kitz may be just what you’re looking for.

Temple Aluminum Foundry, Inc.

Cast Aluminum Molds available with or without a protective Baked-on Powder Coat finish for:

Tables & Benches
Bird Baths

Texas Tradition Molds

Texas Tradition Molds offer over 2000 different concrete molds. We build our concrete molds with top Quality Latex Rubber and fiberglass.


We offer a quality selection of molds, which are easy to cast and finish. With a low initial investment our molds will give you a high turn around profit. Both large and small casting companies use our molds. These molds are perfect for start up businesses, the home hobbyist, or as an add on to your existing craft or statuary business.

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