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About US

Just about 16 years ago, I was contacted by a member of an organization for the concrete statue industry. At that time, there was an interest in having a website design for their organization. I put together a site for them to view and the “higher ups” of the organization did not want that much of their members information made public.

WOW, really, I thought putting information about your members out there was the whole idea. To help out “their” business??? I had joined hoping to find out more about the business and got nothing but a paper of information I could find online.

None the less, I had too much time involved and refused to just dump the site. From that point, I searched as much as possible for information on the industry. Finding information on our industry (as you have found) isn’t really all that easy to do. So here we are today with an improved directory and plans to increase what we have to offer on this site.

The Concrete Statue Directory offers far more information about our industry, than what you will find out there. We don’t have a membership price of $50 and up EVERY year, to view information here. We do offer advertising for businesses on the Directory for $20 (one time/permanent) to be listed in their businesses section. The hardest part is getting people involved with the information they may have. Not easy finding the industries “old timers” who are willing to offer information but I keep trying…