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What should I use for a concrete mix?

1 part portland cement
2 part concrete sand
1/2 part pea stone (1a’s)
3/4 part water

Mix your water and sand first. This will release air that is contained in the sand.

What should I use for a latex mold release?

8 parts methanol
1 part castor oil

Can I make my own concrete stain?

Yes, 1 part paint to 1 part distilled water

Where can I get information on making my own molds?

A great resource for mold making can be found at the Castcraft site. They have a couple of sites that are worth taking a look at. The first is Mold Making .com. The second site, of course, is their main web site Castcraft Really good info here for those wanting to learn about making their own molds.

Im looking to start a statuary business, where is a good place for more information on the business?

“Concrete Success”, details all the easy to use formulas and secrets for a successful lawn ornament business.

Whether you are already in the concrete business or looking to start a new part or full time business, this book is a valuable resource.

You can purchase their book HERE